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Facts about Mental illness

Facts about Mental illness

 Important Facts about Mental illness Mental illness is a condition that causes disturbances in human behavior, thinking, and emotions. Also, it is associated with social distress or problems functioning in work, and family activities. Symptoms  Firstly, Sad or irritable Secondly, An Extreme change in mood Thirdly, Anxious or worried Fourthly, Mood swings Lastly, eating or …

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Facts? Isn't It Explainable?

Facts? Isn’t It Explainable?

What is the fact? Because “facts” symbolize objectivity, and “value” implies subjectivity, the relationship between value and facts is crucial in the development of any theory of value and value judgments of objectivity. Although descriptive sciences such as sociology, psychology, anthropology, and comparative religion try to describe actual values ​​in fact and explain the similarities …

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