Top 10 Fast-food Chains Of The World

Top 10 fast-food chains of the world
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Fast food or a quick-service restaurant is the typical type of cafeteria that serves post-haste. Its cuisine consists of only fast food that is often fried, filled up with saturated fat. Furthermore, it has the least table service. You can order at the counter or treat yourself with self-service

 Here are some widely-known fast-food chains that are worldwide in the public eye.


Top 10 fast-food chains of the world

McDonald’s is the 1st and largest food chain in the world. It is one of the best & most wanted. People from all over the globe are very fond of McDonald’s. It has approximately 35000 outlets across 119 countries. Also, around 68 million customers visit every day. It has hardly around 1.7 million satisfied employees working with it. Its signature food is hamburgers. Additionally, French fries and chicken drumsticks are also very famous among people.


Top 10 fast-food chains of the world

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken ) the world’s famous food bar, is virtually an American fast-food chain. Its headquarters is in Louisville. It is well known for its fried crispy chicken. It is considered the world’s second-largest food chain after McDonald’s with 22,621 franchises functioning globally in almost 150 countries. This ratio is based on its annual sales. Fried Chicken, hamburgers, and crispy fries are their mark foods. This chain also endorses the world-famous pizza mart named Pizza hut.

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Top 10 fast-food chains of the world

It is also an American multinational franchise that sells submarine sandwiches, wraps salads on a vast ranking. Its outlets work across the globe and its headquarters is in Milford, USA. It has a total of 37,540 functioning sites with 5,000 workers. Its well-known grubs are Turkey Breast, Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt, Spicy Italian, Sweet Onion Teriyaki, Meatball Marinara, Steak, Cheese, and many more. It has nearly 44,000 outlets across 110 countries. Also, these digits make it more well-known than McDonald’s


Top 10 fast-food chains of the world

It is an American multinational chain of coffeehouses that serves handmade coffee. Its headquarters is in Washington, USA. It has nearly 28,218 franchises across 88 countries with 349,000 staffers. It is served with Coffee beverages, Smoothies, Tea, Baked goods, Sandwiches, Blonde Espresso is its signature coffee.

Pizza Hut

Top 10 fast-food chains of the world

The fifth most popular food chain is none other than Pizza Hut.  This pizza shop was set up by two American brothers Frank & Dan in Kansas, USA. Soon they came to be prominent in the global market. They quickly expand their business in various countries and get more and more notorious. Now, their headquarters are in Plano, Texas. Of course, pizza is their main food. Though they also provide Hamburgers, cheese sandwiches and many other things. Also, they have an endless variety of Pizza flavors. It has 18,703 outlets with 350,00 employees all over the world.

Burger King

Top 10 fast-food chains of the world

The sixth-largest food chain is Burger King. Firstly, its name was insta Burger King but later they changed the name. It is likewise an American multinational food chain. Its headquarters is in Miami. The numbers of its whereabouts are 17,796. Its retails are Hamburgers, French fries, soft drinks, milkshakes, salads, etc. More than 34,000 employees work for this food chain.  There are nearly 15,000 restaurants in almost 100 countries. Their signature product is a flame-grilled beef patty crowned with a simple layer of melted cheese, crinkle-cut pickles, yellow mustard, and ketchup on a toasted sesame seed bun.  Furthermore, they have an enormous variety of Burgers.


Top 10 fast-food chains of the world

It is the world’s seventh-largest food chain and 2nd largest pizza delivery service. It has 10,000 outlets in around 70 countries. The specialty of Domino’s pizza is their variation in pizza crust style. Furthermore, their other leading outputs are Owned-Baked sandwiches, Pasta, and Bread Bowls. A true to its hype, Domino’s delivers millions of pizzas on Super Bowl Sunday. 

Papa John’s

Top 10 fast-food chains of the world

 It is the eighth-most famous food chain in the world. It has 3000 sites just in the US. It is, therefore, an excellent entrant into our list of the latest fast-food chains in the globe. In addition, it has 5,400 locations with 16,700 staffers. Also, there are awesome whizzes in bringing about unique combinations of the piazza.

Dunkin’s Donut

A very notable Donuts restaurant Dunkin’ Donuts founded by William Rosenberg. It serves several types of Donuts, muffins, and miscellaneous breakfast items. Also, they are trying their best to strive for the level of Starbucks. Presently, 3,100 restaurants in 30 different countries are working successfully. Dunkin’ Donuts is the fairest spot for having a super delicious breakfast, coffee, or some frozen beverages.

Taco Bell

Top 10 fast-food chains of the world

It is the most thriving Mexican food chain. Its headquarters is in California. At first, Its actual name was Taco Tia when the owner Glen Bell sold tacos at a small food stall. Later on, it was changed when he opened his first food shop. It has more than 6,500 restaurants with 2 billion customers visiting every year. They are providing delicious Mexican dishes. It is a subsidiary of the Yum company.  Its signature food is Chalupa Supreme. Chalupa is an essential dish for every order that taco bell. Lastly, the emphasis is to deliver healthier food.

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