Have You Ever Been To Australia? Here Are Some Fun Facts About Australia.

Fun facts about Australia
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Australia was founded on 1 January 1901.  Also got independence from England on 9 October 1942. The capital of Australia is Canberra. Australia is such a wonderful country. It is the 6th greatest country by area in the globe.

Here is some delightful knowledge about Australia.

Australia is naturally famous for its biological marvels.

Australia is one of the world’s vastly urbanized regions.

Tasmania, one of the islands in Australia, has the cleanest air in the world.

Australia has nearly 439 Rivers.

Australia has 10 deserts.

Fun facts about Australia

Uluru, the world’s largest rock, is the most iconic landscape of Australia.

Australian Highway 1  is the world’s longest national highway.

There is no volcano on the mainland of Australia. However, in the south and north, we can find almost 150 volcanos.

Fun facts about Australia

Sydney opera house in south wales is considered a natural wonder of Australia.

Kangaroo is the national animal of Australia. Regardless, the population of kangaroos is more than the population of people. Also, there are 60 kinds of Kangaroos present in Australia.

Australia created the Drop Bear to scare the tourists.

fun facts about australia

The Australian created The Drop Bear, an artificial creature. It is a predatory version of the Koala to surprise tourists.

Australians are very fond of a special food called Vegemite. It comes from spare brewers’ yeast extract and is then mixed with assorted vegetable and sauce extras.

You won’t believe the Australian dingo fence is more lengthy than the great wall of China.

fun facts about Australia

Each Australian has his own 8 sheep.

Australia created a new version of football by the name of Australian Rules Football.

Sydney is the largest city in Australia.

Fun facts about Australia

Australia has the world’s most dangerous spiders. But it is an unbelievable truth that not a single human has died from a spider bite since 1970.

Australia has the lengthiest golf course in the world.

Australia has almost 25 kinds of avenging snakes in the world.

Amazingly, Australia has the biggest cattle station in the world. Its area is parallel to Israel.

Fun Facts About Australia

Also, the first well-behaved police force was from Australia.

There are nearly 1 million camels in the deserts of Australia.

Australia introduced the first seat belt law.

Though English is the national language of Australia, yet 90% of Australians do not speak English at home.

There are more kangaroos than individuals in Australia.

 There are 10,000 coasts in northern Australia.

Fun facts about Australia

In the fifty thousand years before the arrival of the British, there were some residents in Australia.

 Melbourne, Australia is the most populous place in Greece outside of Greece.

 Compared with Switzerland, it will snow in the Australian Alps.

There are eight provinces of Australia that are: Queensland, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, and also the Northern Territory.

Fun Facts About Australia

Australia is the smallest land. In addition, it is smaller, smaller, and drier. 

Australia has a rich agricultural area, and known as the “Garden State”.

Australia has 160 interrelated dialects. English is the authoritative language of Australia. Moreover, most people communicate in English.

Fun facts about Australia

Last but not the least, 3% of Australia’s absolute local area is tropical rainforest. Australia has 3.6 million hectares of tropical rainforest, also known as luxurious sophistication, pouring rain, and enclosed shadows. In addition to this, the biodiversity of Australia depends on its rainforest.

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