Fun Facts about Electricity

Fun Facts About Electricity
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All About Electricity

 Electricity is a basic need of the modern era. It also plays a very important role in the economy of any country. Nowadays, without electricity, any work seems to be impossible. Furthermore, it is used in heating, lighting, and cooling, operating appliances, getting in touch with someone, even running transportation systems.

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 Go over to know some incredible truths about electricity that will totally amuse you. 

Some facts about electricity 

  1. Electricity travels 300,000 km per second.
  2. The electricity travels at the speed of light.
  3. Electricity is generated in many ways like wind, water, the sun, and even animal debris.
  4. The word Electrocute is concluded from two phrases which are Electro and Execute. However, it implies that you were executed by Electricity.
  5. In the early 1820s, the British scientist Michael Faraday found the basic law of electricity generation.
  6. An American scientist William Morrison invented the first electric car. It was a victorious trial.
  7. The first electric Street bulb was introduced by Mosley Street in 1870
  8. In addition, Thomas Edison created the very first power plant in 1879.
  9. The first four social domestic electric tools were the sewing machine, fan, kettle, and toaster.
  10. William Gilbert was also the one who conceived the word electricity.
  11. Electricity also survives in our bodies. Our nerve cells use it to authorize signals to our muscles.
  12. A spark of static electricity can assess up to 3,000 volts.
  13. The sculpture of Liberty was the first lighthouse to use electricity, all the way back in 1886.
  14. The early and exclusively country which depends only on renewable sources for electricity is none further than Iceland.   
  15. Coal is the world’s greatest source of energy for generating electricity.
  16. In 1882, Thomas Edison opened The Pearl Street Power Station in New York City. Also, this Station was one of the world’s first basic electric power plants and could leverage 5,000 lights.
  17. An EEL (a type of Fish) can provide you with a shock of up to 600 volts for hunting or self-defense. Also, this may make you die.
  18. Oven, Refrigerator, Washing machine, Television are the major usage of electricity in the house.  
  19. The UK was the first country to provide electricity publicly in 1881.
  20. You get a sudden shock when you touch a bare wire. Also, our body is a good conductor of heat.
  21. In 1968, Howard C. Borden and Gerald P launched the first commercial LED lamp.
  22. Similarly, William Morrison introduced the first electric car formulated in 1890–91. It has a speed of 23 km/hr and with six-person sitting.
  23. In addition to this, in 1880 Werner von Siemens created the first electric elevator.
  24. Last but not the least, It is a very common rumor that the inventor of electricity also died from electric shock. In actuality it is wrong, he died of diabetes.

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