Did You Know Honey Bee Has Five Eyes?

Facts About honey bee
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Unknown Things You Should Know About Honey Bee

A type of bee that collects nectar and pollen from different flowers and produces honey and wax. They live in large colonies. Honey bees are also known as social insects. Many groups of similar bees generate and stock honey including the stingless bees but the real honey bees are only those who are members of the genus Apis.
The study of the honey bee is called Apiology.

Honey bees habitat

Facts About honey bee

Although honey bees can grow in tamed surroundings. However, they love to live in gardens, meadows, orchards, or where flowering plants are enough. Moreover, they build their nest in the holes or under the edge of a tree. This is because they want to lie low from predators or any other danger.

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Delightful truths about Honey Bees

facts about honey bee
Nectar is delivered to one of the indoor bees and is then passed mouth-to-mouth from bee to bee.

Average age The average life of a honey bee is 30 to 60 days. Yet, the bumblebee lives only 28 days.

A female solitary bee rested in the hive as well as a male bee napped outside, in the grass stalk, or flowers.

Do honey bees feel thirsty?  Honey bees need plenty of water to stay energetic and healthy just like humans. 

The incredible fact, is a very shocking reality about honeybees is that they used water for air conditioning. Also, they make a thin coating of water around the baby cell during hot days.

Queen bee or king bee? You are very surprised to know that the Queen honey bee is the only most powerful bee in the colony but there is no king bee in the entire life of bees.

Queen bee’s age Likewise, Queen bees could live for several years as compared to worker bees whose labor during the busy season could not resist. Further, Queen bees can lay 2,000 eggs per day. 

The strength, persistence, and vision of a bee suggest Jesus Christ. The symbolism of honey bees in Christianity is all about favorable and precious metaphors.

Busy as a bee, in case you won’t believe that the Bee is the symbol of recreation, hard work, and determination.

Inhabitat Primarily, Honey bees live in trees like Maples, Alders, Redbuds, Hazels, Tulip poplar, Black locust, Willows, Lindon, and Sourwood.

Another reality The reason bees are so hard is that they whack their wings 11,400 times per minute.

Two stomachs Do you know that a bee has two midsections? One they use it to digest food and the other is for nectar they collect to bring back to the hive.

Sense of smell, honeybees have the strongest sense of smell. It is 100 times stronger than human beings. It helps them to detect pollen and nectar from a long distance. Scientists are experimenting with cancerous tumors with the help of honey bees.

 The Waggle dance, it is also a breathtaking fact that honey bees do a special dance when they find a perfect bigger or richest source of nectar. They dance in a circle or some other times in the direction of the straight angle of the sun.

Brainpower, A bee has extraordinary remembering skills and strong power of learning. Yet the brain is approximately the size of a sesame seed.

Eyes, last but not least, bees have 5 eyes. Two can easily be seen but the other three are in the center of their forehead. These eyes help them see around even if it is cloudy out or smokey or dark. 

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