Unknown Facts About Plastic Bottles

Unknown Facts About Plastic Bottles
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Life is getting busier and quick. Disposable things are a vast necessity of today’s era. In this, plastic bottles are one of the greatest needs of humans. It is utilized to store any type of fluid-like water, any sort of drink, motor oil, cooking oil, shampoo, ink, and many others. Moreover, it is found in every size from very small to extra large. Furthermore, it is available in any facility shape you desire.

The enormous purpose behind the popularity of plastic bottles is their resistance. These bottles are resilient and don’t smash into tiny hunks unlike glass after they are broken. These are easy to pack, prudent to use, comfortable to deal with, as well as inexpensive. Furthermore, they are wary of leaking or bursting and protect the commodities much better. Also, outward shipping.

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Plastic bottles fun facts

80% of plastic bottles never come to have any reprocessing or recycled procedure.

You won’t believe that it takes 450 years to decompose a single plastic bottle.

Amazingly, The price of water bottles consists of 90% of bottles and 10% of water.

Plastic bottles gain limited energy than glass to manufacture. It consumes 70 % less energy.

People use 40 % of water bottles one time only.

You will be surprised to know that over 9 million metric tons of plastic bottles end up in the ocean every year.

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People purchase more than 1 million plastic bottles every single minute.

Only in America, 38 million bottles move to the trash yard per year.

Plus, bottled water is 1000 times more costly than tap water.

Moreover, 5 plastic bottles provide the fiber that sufficiently creates one ski jacket.

In Uk, recycled plastic bottles are almost 74%.

An unbelievable fact, In China, the Beijing subway introduced the system. You can give plastic bottles rather than money as a fare. It is because it encourages recycling.

Unknown Facts About Plastic Bottles

Besides, 90 % of people avoid recycling because they think it is quite complicated.

Furthermore, One-third of the sea’s Litter is plastic bottles.

A man who used plastic straw his whole life it can roll up 5 times around the globe.

 Petroleum is the main element to make plastic. Petroleum is a non-renewable petroleum derivative that makes our air dirty.

Scientists tracked bisphenol A (BPA) in over 90% of Americans who tried it. BPA is a synthetic compound used to assemble polycarbonate plastics. They are everywhere, from computers and food compartments to water bottles and lunch boxes. When we break down the compound value, it releases BPA and converts it into your food and water.

Unknown Facts About Plastic Bottles

 The world buys one million plastic water bottles every moment. Unfortunately, people reuse less than 10% of all plastic made.

 It takes 450 years for a plastic bottle to degrade. Disposable bottles are usually made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a material that is photodegradable rather than biodegradable. 

 If everyone switched to water bottles and reusable containers, we would save enough energy to drive NYC for a full month. The plastic bottle industry is even scarier in our ozone.

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