10 Amazing Facts About Taal Volcano

10 Amazing Facts About Taal Volcano
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Taal Volcano. The cinder cone on the crater was formed by the 1965 eruption of Taal Volcano. The crater eventually filled with lava flows that erupted in 1968 and 1969.

Taal Volcano, known as the second most active volcano in the Philippines, is located in Batangas province, after Mount Mayon in Albay.

One of the facts about Taal Volcano is that it has recorded about 38 eruptions that have caused deaths on the island as some people live around the lake and the island.

The fact to remember about Taal Volcano is that it is located on a small island about 65 miles from Manila. It is located in Batangas province.

Taal Volcano is one of the smallest volcanoes in the world. It is the second most active volcano in the Philippines.

It has recorded at least 38 eruptions in 450 years. Taal Crater is filled with lakes due to previous eruptions between 140,000 and 5380 BP.

1. Taal Volcano is one of the most captured volcanoes and lakes in the Philippines

The volcano is one of the most captured volcanoes and lakes in the Philippines. Several eruptions have been recorded in the past, bringing the death toll to 6,000. Last but not least, it is part of the Pacific Rim.

2. Taal Volcano is part of the Ring of Fire

Taal Volcano is also part of the Ring of Fire. The Pacific Ring of Fire, Rim of Fire, Ring of Fire or Pacific Belt is where most volcanic eruptions and earthquakes occur around the Pacific Ocean.

10 Amazing Facts About Taal Volcano
10 Amazing Facts About Taal Volcano

3. Taal Volcano is where tectonic plates move

 This is also where the tectonic plates move and start breaking down the lithospheric plates, the outermost crust of our planet that lies beneath and around the Pacific Ocean.

4. Taal Volcano is also on the highest alert level for its first eruption

Facts about Taal Volcano is also the volcano’s first eruption at the highest alert level in January 2020, 43 years after the last eruption, as it started spewing ash in Calabarzon Metro Manila causing many schools and jobs Classes are suspended.

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 Some areas in central Luzon and the Ilocos region, such as PHILVOCS or the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology have declared an alert level of 4, which could lead to volcanic eruptions in the coming hours and days.

10 Amazing Facts About Taal Volcano
10 Amazing Facts About Taal Volcano

Smaller eruptions in July 2021 and March 2022 issued a level 3 alert for PHILVOCS and surrounding cities.

5. Nuno who lives on top of Taal

In prehistoric times, there was a man named Nuno who lived on the top of the top of Taal, and his house was located on the top of the mountain, but the locals and Nuno were friendly and no one was afraid of him because he was to the locals.

6. Nonu used to take care of plants on the mountain

 Nuonuo is taking care of the plants on the mountain and they are growing very well. Nono spoke and asked if the locals could grow tobacco on the mountain, but did not follow the exact route he instructed not to grow tobacco.

When the locals graciously complied with his wishes, they planted all the tobacco until they reached the sign line at the top of the mountain after the locals became rich in tobacco. One day, Nono called a meeting and said that he would be away from the mountains and the locals for a long time.

7. Nuno says he will confiscate all fields and tobacco plants

He also said they could continue to grow on the hillside, but not to a designated line, certain violations would be implemented, and said he would confiscate all cultivated fields and tobacco and travel to an unknown location.

8. Farmers can’t find Nuno, so they want to grow vegetables near forbidden areas

After a long time, it will never come back. Locals inquired about his whereabouts, but no one could find him. When tobacco prices rise, farmers tend to grow around exclusion zones.

10 Amazing Facts About Taal Volcano
10 Amazing Facts About Taal Volcano

9. The strong and violent earthquake terrified local residents.

Taal volcanic island and surrounding lakes captured at sunset from Sitio Tagbakin in Brgy. Halleng, Lipa City. A year ago, the monks practiced disobedience in the forbidden area, and nothing bad happened. Another year passed, and when they were meeting at Nuonuo’s house, a strong and violent earthquake occurred, which frightened the locals and made them flee from the mountains.

10- Tobacco grown in the exclusion zone disappears

They returned over the next few days. They saw that all the tobacco they had grown in the exclusion zone was gone. As the peaks on the dividing line rose high into the sky, a huge crater formed and smoke began to rise.

 As Nono told the locals, he kept his word that if anyone disobeyed, he would keep all the tobacco grown for him to consume. The small community on the side of the hill began to grow again, but no plants grew next to it.

The next generation continues to wait for Nono to come back, but he has to wait until he has smoked all the tobacco he got from the Aboriginals and locals because of his disobedience.

The myths of our older and Aboriginal generations may or may not be true as we know them. But this myth about Taal Volcano can help us reconsider how old our culture is and how some fairies or good things can guide us and teach us such life lessons, all we have to do is follow and obey them.

 It is good to believe in such folklore or myths, but we should know that some of them may not be true and were just created to convince people of certain things, to convince people of the origin of things around us.

There is nothing wrong with believing this, but we must never forget the reality and facts of Taal Volcano.

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