Facts About Palm Reading

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Interesting Facts About Palm Reading

The marks on our hand palms are not unnecessary. Nature hides so many secrets in it. Palmistry is basically the study of the reading palm, also called chirology. It is all about your personality, individuality as well as forthcoming.  The experts in this field are palmists, chirologists, hand readers, or hand analysts.

The basis of palmistry is to analyze a person’s identity and trait of their life through their hand analysis.

Here is the interesting fact about your palm lines that it changes with time. However, these are the secondary lines that change. The primary lines like lifeline, heart, head, brain, etc have no changes in life and are permanent.

facts about palm reading

In palm analysis, you can find information about your character, health, mood, etc. The significance and the shapes of your fingers and nails, the color tells a lot more about your aspects.

Moreover, if you’re a male then your left-hand tells you about your birth facts and the right one is what you’ve built up all over your life. Besides this, if you are a female, your right hand has your birth truths and your left hand tells you about what you’ve accumulated in your entire life.

Further, experts declare that the deeper and darker palm lines indicate a strong personality. However, if the lines are lighter, it shows the person is slightly emotional or has an unstable personality.

Similarly, if you have a large palm it signifies a sense of honor, sensibility, focus, and intelligence. In contrast, if the palm is small, it represents a joyful soul,  administrative skills, and a powerful ability to make decisions.

Furthermore, the size of your palm and fingers tells more about your behavior.

facts about palm reading

Likewise, the difference between the broad palm and the slim palm is that wide palms imply humanity. Whereas people with narrow palms are demanded by birth. They emphasize others’ failures rather than their qualities. 

Yet, AM is the accurate time to read a palm. This is because food intake and biological activities play a major role in this regard. Also, a good night’s sleep matters a lot.

A familiar palm has 30 major lines. Nevertheless, fewer lines on your palm predicted a strong and blessed fortune.

Further, the most notable line is the fate line or line of Destiny. If this line is unbroken, undamaged it symbolizes favorable fortune and brilliant luck.

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Likewise, the money line which lies under the fingers reflects the position of money, wealth, and achievements. Again, if it is clear and dark the subject faces no issues in getting them. A person faces little expected income if it is damaged.

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The love line/heart line is one of the important lines in the palm. It tells about your marital life and also something about your spouse.

facts about palm reading

Eventually,  your brain tells you about your mental health. It also tells about your willpower, intellect, wisdom, and power in making decisions. It also reveals how you react after receiving shocking news

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