Female Hand Palmistry

Female Hand Palmistry
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It is a general view in palmistry that the right hand is for females while the left hand Is for gentlemen. In old Chinese assumptions, the left-hand side is assigned with fatherhood whilst the right hand is assigned with motherhood. 

It is a common belief that someone’s hand is the mirror of his character traits, health, insight, mental capacity, and many more facets.

Why is the left hand associated only with men?

In widespread opinion, if you examine a man’s hands, you should read up his left hand. It is just because the left hand is specified as dominant. Although, 30+ females were also examined with their left hand.

As per said, the right hand is the preferred option in palm reading. Although, both hands have an enormous significance in palmistry. Moreover, the right hand denotes the present and prospective future ability in the future while the left hand defines the earlier life and the aspects the individual survived with. 

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Primary lines on the palm

 Five most initial lines on someone’s hand are as follows:

  • Lifeline
  • The heart line (love line))
  • Wealth line (fate line)
  • Brain line (lead line)
  • Marriage line

The lines of your hand and the movement of the stars reveal your style and parenting nature

One more thing worth mentioning here, the more your line indicates the more reliable part of you. Like, if your heart line is the most prominent in all, it represents your stability & endurance in emotions. Rather than if it is lighter, it may be possible that the person is sensitive & gullible. Similarly, the length of lines plays a major role in telling about somebody.

Fingers & nail shape are also helpful in palmistry

Nevertheless, The length of your fingers also evaluates a lot more about the nature of human beings. It is amazing how someone can disclose their behavior, fears, and the future just by looking at the structure of a person’s body parts. The shape of the fingers  & nails of the hand also discloses the nature of the person.

A surprising fact that’s the enjoyable aspect to inform as well, sometimes your left palm is lighter headlines than the right one. Palmists say it means your intellect, determination, and thinking skills were ordinary but your surroundings and experiences allow you to improve your impressive knowledge, willpower, tolerance, and reasoning capacity. It is familiar for both males & females.

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Final words

Palm reading is a thoroughly remarkable process. Similarly, it is also possible that lines can change with time. Although, horoscopes or birth realities tell more about your personality traits. Besides, these aspects would not be 100% factual, but their prominence cannot be denied

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