Unknown Psychological Facts

Unknown Psychological Facts
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Psychological Facts That Will Surprise You

Everyone wants to know about psychological facts that explain your personality.

Here are the few that you love to read it.

  1. 97% of people write their names when giving them a pen.
  2. You loved the Food when someone else makes it.
          Food made by someone else tastes much better than your own prepared, even when you use the same recipe.
  3. A single negative thing can damage five positive memories. 
  4. It takes about 40 days for an average person to make something a daily habit.
  5. People aren’t as good at multitasking as they think they are.
  6. When rules are too strict, we want to break more.
  7. If you cry out of happiness, the first tear will come from the right eye, but if you cry out of sorrow, it will come from the left. 

Unknown Psychological Facts

  1. People who lived in blue rooms are more productive than people who lived in common homes.
  2. The power of authority has the same effect on the human brain as a traumatic injury.
  3. People read longer lines faster but they prefer shorter lines. 
  4. Chocolate or sweet thing release the same chemical Oxytocin which your body produces when you are happy. 
  5. Happiness, anger, sorrow, anxiety, sick, and surprise are the six feelings that are consistently conveyed. 
  6. Being alone or sad is as bad for our health as you smoke 15 cigarettes a day. 
  7. Things you experienced you remember the most.
  8. If you have much more choice you become paralyzed.
  9. Studies say that individuals who can normally use sarcasm to tackle a senseless question have healthy minds.
  10. Individuals who have a deep sense of guilt are better at understanding the emotions and concerns of the people around them.
  11. Consuming food without preservatives will increase I.Q by up to 14%. 
  12. People are more likely to return a missing wallet if a picture of a child is found inside. 
  13. Intelligent people tend to have fewer friends than the average person.
  14. People who speak two languages can unintentionally change their personalities when they switch to speak from one language to another. 
  15. People are the most imaginative at night and the least creative in the day. 
  16. Travelling improves brain wellbeing and even lowers a person’s chance of heart disease and depression. 
  17. People seem to be happy when they remain busy, as this stops them from worrying about problems in life. 
  18. Narcissistic Personality Disorder (a person who needs attention and admiration) exists in around 6% of the population. 
  19. The scene of water has a very gentle and soothing effect on people which makes them experience happiness, beautiful thoughts, and even more imagination.
  20. Human brain experiences rejection as physical pain.
  21. People who mostly viewed crime shows and films have often overestimated the number of crimes in real life.
  22.  Women have half of the pain receptors on their bodies as males, but they have a much greater threshold for pain. 
  1. Men aren’t more entertaining than women: they only make jokes; they don’t care whether others like their humor or not. 
  2. An individual still has 7 minutes of neural activity till his last breath.

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