Mobile Apps Are More Catchy Then Websites

Mobile Apps Are More Catchy Then Websites
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In the present era, social media has fetched up an enormous part of our lives is fetched up by social media. And day by day it heightens deliberately. The global usage of smartphones plays a vast role in emerging these opportunities with avant-garde technology.
The main goal of these mobile apps is to contact or interact with the global community online. Some Apps are used for personal needs like Facebook, Instagram, and others are used for professional communication like LinkedIn

In this blog, we are going to tell you some stunning facts about these social apps.

Biggest social media platform 2021

The biggest social media platform in 2021 is Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook. Now Facebook has another interesting name, Meta.
The latest information proves that Facebook is the monarch of social media. The lifespan of your Facebook post is about 6 hours but in 2 hours and 30 min, its appearance is about 75%. Furthermore, some people ask if deleted Facebook post is permanently deleted❓. The answer is Yes! 

Mobile Apps Are More Catchy Then Websites

Interesting details about Facebook

  1. Facebook messenger and Instagram retain 121 and 106 million users approximately
  2. .Facebook has 2.797 million monthly active users.
  3. In January, its vigorous users were 2.80 billion.
  4. Facebook is the world’s broadest social network as well as the largely refined channel for organic and compensated social marketing.
  5. The reason Facebook is blue: Zuckerberg is colorblind
  6. A fact of its hype, Zuckerberg  can only see blue color the best because he was red-green colorblind. That is the big reason behind the Facebook blue color.

Instagram: frequently used app

Mobile Apps Are More Catchy Then Websites
  1. It is an amazing fact that approximately 1000 photos per second are uploaded on Instagram.
  2. Pizza is the number-one most-shared grub on Instagram.
  3. It is also a fact that 80% of Instagram accounts are real and used tete-a-tete.
  4. Amazingly, the majority of Instagram users are female. Likewise, they belong to the age group (25 -34).
  5. 60 % of the Instagram community use the app to discover recent commodities.
  6. Around 4.2 billion “likes” hit day-to-day on Instagram.

Most secure chatting app

Mobile Apps Are More Catchy Then Websites

The Signal Private Messenger is one of the secure chat apps in the world. It has made its place first in ranking among the secure messaging apps for Android as well as for iOS users. The reason behind its popularity is the implementation of advanced end-to-end encryption to secure all chats with other Signals users.

Most downloaded apps

Mobile Apps Are More Catchy Then Websites

In this hierarchy, TikTok ranked first with 656 million users.  Further, the Instagram app is the second most downloaded app across the world. Thenceforth, Facebook with 416 million and WhatsApp with 395 million users stood at this chart.

Best Shopping app

There is no wonder when the first name on the list is Amazon. It is one of the most popular shopping apps around the world. It is the best app for buying anything at your doorstep.

Although, Meesho an Indian online shopping app, is the most downloaded app from the Google play store around the world. The downloader of this app is nearly catching up with 143 million.

Some General facts about apps 

  • Before Facebook, Google Maps and youtube were the most downloaded apps worldwide.
  • Furthermore, the Android Play Store has the highest figure of apps available for download. You can find nearly 2.8 million apps here. Apple app store marked the second position in this ranking. Although, the number of play store downloaders is more than Apple store downloaders.
  • At this time, Clash of Clans is the most worthwhile app. Though, from 2012 to the present date it has raked in over $5 billion. This is around $1.5 million a day.
  • Surprisingly, In Apple’s App Store there are 60% of apps never  downloaded from the day its launched.
  • 80% of people prefer mobile apps rather than websites.

 Smartphones have taken a massive part in our life. Everyone is hanging on mobile apps to conduct his chores like communication, groceries, fitness, payment, entertainment, rewards. So, there is a huge competition between the app’s founders to give rise to their best.

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