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Factsnsoul is a rapidly growing blog and the Internet community. We mainly focus on topics such as blogs on facts, human nature, psychological facts, social media, technology, and other tips & tricks.

Factsnsoul allows guests to post. Currently, we have many collaborators (guest authors).

Currently, we only accept guest posts on some topics, such as blogs on facts, human nature, psychological facts, social media, technology, and other tips & tricks. We do not accept any type of product, website, or tool reviews as guest posts. 

If you still want to know whether you should be a guest blog, you can read “Guest Blog: Why Should You Care?” and “Your Blog”. 

Should you blog as a guest? “.

The benefits of guest blogging: why you should blog here?

As we said before, guest blogs are an important aspect of Factsnsoul, because we believe that guest blogs will do things Google has not done.

Backlinks: Although we believe that bloggers will not host blogs just for backlinks, we appreciate your contribution to Factsnsoul for allowing them to use 2 links in their guest posts. You can use the link in the author’s profile, or you can link to the current article in the main text. We do not accept “keyword” links and will delete them.

 Remember, if you don’t do this, I have the right to edit the link.


Your guest posts will be promoted on various social networks, and we will redouble our efforts to promote your brand.

Author profile: Each invited author has a separate “author profile” box. You can increase this opportunity by promoting your identity or brand.

Guest author of the month:

We introduced guest authors in this month’s guest author or Factnsoul overview post. We once again update their faces to the factsnsoul community.

Guest Blog of the Month

Interaction and sharing: Most readers of Factsnsoul are bloggers or geeks, so you have the opportunity to interact and interact with them. You can also build your audience and readers in this way.

Note: Remember, all Factsnsoul links are Do-Follow. Yes, we also like commenters. 😉

Guest author, also known as a contributor

All invited authors will be assigned the “contributor” role. They can edit, delete, and read posts. Currently, I only need guest authors, not co-authors. But technically, there is not much difference between guest authors and co-authors.

How do you post?

Basic. Register as a guest author on this blog.

Submit the article now, go to SUBMIT YOUR GUEST BLOG, or write at Now write an article and do all the basic things, such as adding tags and assigning categories. Then click the Submit for Review button.

If your article meets all requirements, it will definitely be published. To make it easy for your article to be approved, please review our guidelines and tips.

Submitting duplicate items will result in account suspension

I hate them. Never copy content from other sites and submit it as a guest post, and you must not use your guest post on any other site.

If you can use it, please use some clips and give Factsnsoul full credit.

Make sure you haven’t published this article anywhere else.

If a guest post does not meet our requirements, we will remove it from the pending list. Please feel free to contact us.

Please also note that we receive more than 10 guest posts every day and are doing our best to filter them to publish them as soon as possible. So please forgive us for the delay.